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Life Coaching

As a life coach, I help people get unstuck.

During the process of coaching, we will work on reclaiming the self-expertise you had as a child, but set aside for all kinds of good reasons.

We will look for what calls you & practice hearing it, honoring it & giving yourself permission to make populating your life with those things you prefer, top priority.

We will uncover, & take a hard look at, the limiting, albeit deeply familiar & therefore hard-to-shake, beliefs or stories you hold.  We will examine how these beliefs once served you, but now stand between you & what you want & are ready to have now.

Much of the most powerful work of coaching comes from the re-framing, or-re-interpretations, we will craft together from these stories.

By replacing limiting beliefs with new ones, we will step into the often-frightening & unfamiliar vastness of Possibility & will seek ways of becoming comfortable there, comfortable enough to take advantage of opportunities those old beliefs rendered unavailable.

Change happens, & we can choose to proactively manifest desired change or we can sit back, tolerate less-than-optimal conditions & wait for change to happen to us.

While there are often huge lessons & gifts for us in crisis, we serve ourselves best & enjoy life more, when we show up to the scariest question:

“What do I want for myself”

And open ourselves up to the possibility of having it all!

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